Advanced Inorganic Technology – Geopolymers

AIM (Advanced Inorganic Materials) technology is based on an extensive investigation of all technical characteristics and using the results to develop product formulations with required parameters.

AIM Technology materials are formulated & manufactured using waste raw materials, thus reducing Carbon Footprint. A broad approach, using chemical and composite material concepts, as well as practical field experience is required to carry it out successfully.

Environmental Responsibility

AIM materials are environmentally friendly, and extremely durable. AIM uses waste materials, including coal power generation, steel production and other waste streams, and converts these into new generation materials suitable for many infrastructure and industrial applications that safe and reliable.

AIM materials and resulting structures does not require expensive maintenance to increases the life cycle expectancy tenfold over traditional Portland cement materials.

AIM Technology

The difference of physical and chemical properties of each raw material greatly affects the performance of the final product.

The fundamental understanding of these interactions allows us to provide formulation adjustments to compensate for differences due to raw materials variances, based on origin.

Our technology delivers final products that are true geopolymers, as well as alkali activated systems, suitable for use in acid environments ranging from very low concentration of acids, up to very high (98%) acid concentrations, or combination of acids and alkali.

Important Technical Parameters



Bonding characteristics


Plastic & Drying shrinkage cracking resistance


Workability / Rheology for vertical applications and spraying

Control of strength development

Chemical resistance to high and low acid levels

Compressive strength at high temperatures

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